Money saving tips for people living in Victoria BC who are 55 or better

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Home Economics

Household and shopping tips that save you money, store discounts and more.

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Save On Groceries

You can save on groceries depending on where and how you shop.

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Save On Miscellaneous

The grab bag of things that don’t fit anywhere else – like gas.

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Save On Wellness

Fees for health and wellness services vary as do pharmacy dispensing fees.

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Save On Clothing

There are places in Victoria where you can buy a pair of slacks for less than $80.

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Pension Information

Time to find out what the pension situation is? Here are the links and info.

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Help With Mom & Dad

Most of us 55+ now have one or both parents to support in some way. You’ll find the info you need to get started here.

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The Big Picture

Why saving money is about to become “the next big thing”. The numbers behind the trend.

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